Fighting Disease

For years, I have made fighting Alzheimer’s disease and muscular dystrophy a priority, and I am pleased to report that much progress has been made.

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Protecting Gun Rights

I have always been an ardent supporter of our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I have retained an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA), and I have consistently opposed attacks on the reasonable and responsible exercise of Second Amendment rights.

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Rebuilding our Military

Having served in the U.S. Air Force and being a retired Air Force Reserve Lt. Colonel, I am committed to America’s men and women in uniform, and to Mississippi’s numerous military communities and the bases and defense contractors who play such a vital role in securing America.

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Preserving Social Security

Some people these days like to call Social Security an entitlement like Medicaid or other social welfare programs.  Social Security is not an entitlement. Working Americans paid into the Social Security trust fund, with the expectation that they would receive their money back from that fund upon retirement.

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Reforming Healthcare

Those of us who voted against Obamacare in 2010 have fought for years to find solutions that actually address the healthcare problems Americans face. That means lower costs, tax relief, more choices, competition and access to affordable care. Moving to a single-payer system, as many liberals would clearly like to see, would be a worst-case scenario, essentially a government-run healthcare system. Government administrated healthcare is NOT the solution.  

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Fighting Terrorism

Radical Islamic terrorism continues to pose a direct threat to America and global stability. Under President Trump, our military and security forces have made great strides eliminating threats from the Islamic State.  Yet, we must continue fighting and remain vigilant until these threats are defeated and eliminated.

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Supporting Economic Growth and Jobs

Throughout my public service, I have consistently voted for market-driven policies aimed at growing the economy and creating jobs, like the historic “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” which has provided Americans with tax reform not seen since the days of President Reagan.  I fully support President Trump’s efforts to eliminate burdensome regulations, cut taxes and simplify our tax laws. In addition to tax reform, the Republican-led Congress has overturned no less than 16 Obama-era regulations though the “Congressional Review Act.”

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Putting America First

Like President Trump, I believe we can confront difficult global challenges without losing sight of our need to put America’s interests first. Whether regarding issues of potential military threats or economic ones, we must clearly define and declare America’s interests and ensure they are protected.

Opposing Abortion

As an elected official, I have a 30-year record of staunchly upholding the sanctity of life and the idea that life begins at conception. My 100% pro-life record in the Senate, U.S. House and State Legislature speaks for itself.  

Protecting Faith and Religious Freedom:

Since third grade, when I made my profession of faith in Jesus Christ, I have been a Christian. As a Baptist, I have remained active in various Baptist churches in the communities where I have lived throughout my life, including First Baptist Church of Tupelo, Mississippi. Here I have served as a Sunday School teacher, Chairman of Deacons and member of our church choir.

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